Team Nimbus FAQ’s

What is Team Nimbus?

Team Nimbus of North Carolina is a Small Business peer-advisory firm specializing in helping small business owners and sales professionals rapidly grow their businesses so they can have the time and money for the life they want for themselves and their families.

How does someone participate with Team Nimbus?

Small business owners and sales professionals participate with Team Nimbus as members of peer-advisory groups.  There are three different types of groups depending on the size of the business.

Rainmaker Groups consist of entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Business Builder Groups consist of owners of businesses with 1-5 employees.

Owners’ Circle Groups consist of owners of businesses with 5+ employees.

Small business owners and sale professionals can also participate in programs such as 100 Days to Abundance and various workshops focused on specific aspects of client acquisition and business growth.

What is a Peer Advisory Group?

A Team Nimbus peer advisory group is a group of small business owners from diverse businesses who get together on a monthly basis to solve problems, share best practices and offer each other peer support.

What are the benefits of Team Nimbus Peer Business Advisor Groups?

Sounding Board : A peer group acts as an informal board of directors and an opportunity for real-world experience sharing.

Overcome Isolation : It can be a very lonely being the owner of a small, growing business. Your friends and family do not understand the issues you face. You cannot confide in your employees. However, every business owner in your peer group has the same sense of isolation and can offer support.

Handle Personal Issues : Small business owners are limited in sharing personal issues. With a peer advisory group, your peers are in the same situation and have a high degree of empathy.

Improve Odds of Success : Business success takes vision and insight. Your peer group can help you to turn your focus away from the day-to-day issues and look at the bigger picture that can have a major impact on your company.

Facilitation : Peer group facilitation ensures that members of the group know when/where to meet, have the tools available to ensure success of the group meeting. Facilitation also helps to keep the sessions on track and provides objective insight, advice and guidance.

Does Team Nimbus serve new businesses?

While some new business owners and sales professionals take advantage of services offered by Team Nimbus, all of the services offered by Team Nimbus assume that clients have at least one year of experience in their business or sales position.

Team Nimbus is focused on assisting you in growing your business and clients instead of focusing on teaching how to get a business started.

How is Team Nimbus different than other business consulting or coaching firms?

“Getting down in the trenches” with each client is the difference that makes Team Nimbus so much more than a small business coaching and consulting firm.

When does the next 100 Days to Abundance program start?

A complete listing of upcoming Team Nimbus programs including 100 Days to Abundance is available at: Upcoming Team Nimbus Events

How many people are in each peer advisory group?

Owners’ Circle – up to 8
Business Builder – up to 12
Rainmaker – up to 16

Where is Team Nimbus located?

The Team Nimbus Center is located at 3801 Computer Dr., Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27609