Summertime: Time to Dig Deep

“Can’t I just take the summer off from my business?  I work hard the rest of the year.” That is a question I am frequently asked by Team Nimbus members.

This is a great question and here are 3 points to consider when deciding if you should take the summer time off.


Is this how you feel now that it is summertime
1.  Do your Customers take the summer off?
2.  Does your competition take the summer off?
3.  Dig deep while other people are “playing in the sand”.

Let me say that I do fully believe that you can relax in the summer and enjoy vacations with the family, just be sure to continue building your reservoir of information, clients and connections.

I would encourage you to consider the upcoming  100 Days to Abundance class.  Please Note:  This will be the last in person 100 Days to Abundance class at Team Nimbus!  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

We still have a few seats available and would love to help you dig deep, understand your client and competition and get immediate results!


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