Rainmaker Mastermind Groups

Rainmaker Mastermind Groups are for individuals that are in business for themselves and by themselves.

Rainmaker Groups are composed of 3-8 “like-minded” business owners and/or sales professionals. The purpose of the Rainmaker Group is to harness the collective experience and varied perspectives of the group members to solve the challenges that arise in growing their businesses; and peer accountability that keeps each member engaged in the actions that are needed to produce the business growth they desire.

Rainmaker Group members meet twice a month in 90-minute sessions. This provides a structure of execution for independent business owners and sales professionals in a forum that focuses the members on “working on” their business as opposed to just “working in” their business.

Each Rainmaker session is conducted in person, facilitated by a Team Nimbus certified business coach. There is also the capability for members to participate in their session  via teleconference when your schedule prohibits your participation in person.

The subscription for Participation in a Rainmaker Mastermind Group is only $150.00/month. While there is no minimum participation period, it is suggested that you make a personal commitment to participate for at least 3 month if you chose to join.

If you are ready to join a Rainmaker Group, just click on Rainmaker Mastermind Group Application (to the left) and complete the requested information. When you application is received, you will be contacted to initiate your subscription.



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