Nancy Davison – Elite Integrated Medicine

Nancy Davison, PT, LAc is the owner of Elite Integrated Medicine.

Nature of Business:

I am a licensed acupuncturist and physical therapist with more than 35 years of experienced as a health care practitioner. My clients vary widely in age and primary concerns which may be physical problems or an emotional issue. They enjoy a combination of services and particularly like the private, quiet setting of my office where they experience personalized care during their entire visit.

What Nancy has been up to since her participation in 100 Days to Abundance/Team Nimbus:

Since completing the program I have seen my practice grow from an uncertain, inconsistent practice seeing 12-18 patients a week to a more consistent program that has seen as many as 30 pts and generally not less than 25 pts a week. I am pleased to have several insurance companies that list me as an in-network provider as a physical therapist and acupuncturist. The ongoing support of Bill and my Rainmaker group has kept me focused and given the courage to try out some new ideas.

My practice now has potential to be transferred – sold to another provider if or when I chose to decrease my level of participation in the practice. I’ve also started a monthly series of workshops encouraging people to approach their senior years with enthusiasm and purpose.
Nancy’s best advice to other small business owners:

Stay open, flexible and connected with other people so you can “hear” new information and ideas that keep you and your business fresh and ready make changes.

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Nancy you can connect with her on:

Facebook and Inside919.

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