Michelle Gower – Gower Power Consulting

Michelle Gower is the owner of Gower Power Consulting, LLC

Nature of Business:

I’m the person you call when you have any kind of WordPress need, be it service, development, strategy, or training. I serve just about anyone who incorporates WordPress into their business, and I work a lot with virtual assistants, fellow web firms, graphic designers, small business owners, and associations.


What Michelle has been up to since her participation in 100 Days to  Abundance/Team Nimbus:

Confidence. By being in a workshop that helped to present necessary business information in a way that stopped being either intimidating to figure out, or ‘boring as hell,’ I was able to establish some really good checkpoints for my business that I use to this day. When I took the workshop, I was in a place where I really thought abundance for me was: time to spend with my family, bills paid. That’s still a measure of success for me, but I’ve grown from that workshop that when I look at my worksheets now, the answers now have hard numbers and quarterly goals attached. It sounds very corporate – I mean, most of us do what we do because we like helping people – but the fact is, without being abundant in our results, we won’t be in business very long. So the workshop helped me to combine my servant’s heart with the reality of profit and revenue.

I’m looking forward to expanding, now that I am in a place of being more comfortable at the thought of doing so. I’m not looking to get bigger, just better.

Michelle’s best advice to other small business owners:

It happens to ALL of us. You really are not alone, even though it will regularly feel that way. Take notes of all the learning experiences, because they really will make you a better business owner. You can grow so much if you are willing to – so much more than in just the financial or hiring sense.

I believe that running a profitable business doesn’t revolve solely around how many deals you close. Likewise, I’ve learned that it doesn’t revolve solely around how good you feel when you help people. There’s a balance. It’s okay to make money – that’s the point of being in business. Otherwise, you are a one-person volunteer organization.
There’s a great quote that I live by, from Minor Myers, Jr. : “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Michelle you can connect with her on: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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