Mastery Series FAQs

What is the Team Nimbus Mastery Series?

The Team Nimbus Mastery Series is a set of five workshops designed to help participants put specific Team Nimbus concepts and tools in place in their business. No homework–these workshops are designed to have you leave with the work done!

What are the areas that are covered in the Team Nimbus Mastery Series?

• Targeting your market  –Doing Business in the Sweet Spot

• Creating and managing an unlimited supply of prospects – An Unfair Competitive Advantage

• Know your numbers – How many What by When?

• Getting and staying connected to your clients, prospects and referral partners – Staying Top of Mind is a Sticky Business

• Creating Raving Fans of your business – It’s a Pleasure Doing Business With You

Who is the Team Nimbus Mastery Series intended for?

The Team Nimbus Mastery Series is intended for small business owners and sales professionals in business at least one year, who are results oriented and urgent about building their business to the next level.

How long are the workshops? Do I have to do all five?

Each workshop is scheduled for 3½ hrs, with one exception–The How many What by When? workshop consists of two 3½ hr sessions. You can participate in the entire Team Nimbus Mastery Series, or you can select one or more

workshops that meet your specific needs.

When are the Mastery Series Workshops offered?

Go to Upcoming Team Nimbus Events for the current schedule of Team Nimbus Mastery Series workshop dates and times.

How much do the workshops cost?

Each workshop is $79.00, except the How many What by When? workshop. A fee of $99.00 includes both sessions of How many What by When? You may buy all five workshops in a package at $336.00 (a savings of $79.00).

Are there any prerequisites for the Team Nimbus Mastery Series workshops?

We assume that Team Nimbus Mastery Series participants have completed 100 Days to Abundance. Each session will start with a review of the concepts that each workshop will cover. When you sign up, you will get a Pre-workshop Guide to guide your preparation. To get the most out of each workshop, participants need to come prepared to do the work.