Marc Larin – Cardinal Home Technologies, LLC

Marc Larin is the owner of Cardinal Home Technologies, LLC

Nature of Business:

We design and install Home Theater and Surround Sound. This includes TV mounting and cabling in the walls of existing buildings. Our clientele includes home owners, small offices, doctor’s offices, and meeting rooms.

What Marc has been up to since his/her participation in 100 Days to Abundance/Team Nimbus:

Team Nimbus was crucial in narowing the scope of my marketing down to my expertize; Home Theater. My sales numbers have been flowing consistently ever since. The people I met through Team Numbus helped me develop a strong marketing and referral system. I have been participating in a Rainmaker group for over a year and plan to continue to reap its benefits in growing my business.

I have been with Team Nimbus near 3 years and am proud to call Bill Davis a friend. Bill has made himself available to me for advice and encouragement many times outside of office hours. He is teaching me to become a competent business man. I am truly grateful.

2012 is the year in which our offices and staff will grow to meet the market demands.
The new staff will give me the opportunity to develop the firm and our market

Marc’s best advice to other small business owners:

Always prepare for whatever comes next; meetings, training, consultations or actual jobs. It will increase the efficiency of the time and give you the best appearance to your colleagues & customers.

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Marc you can connect with him on:

Inside 919

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