Kim Niskey – Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

Kim Niskey is a Senior Sales Representative for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

Nature of Business:

The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is the Triangle’s largest business membership organization—made up of more than 2,300 member firms representing two-thirds of the private sector employment in Wake County. Over 85% of our member companies are small businesses.

Our Chamber is regional in scope and helps our member companies accelerate their growth in greater Wake County. We help them work “in” and “on” their businesses by providing over 120 networking, training and professional development opportunities annually. Whether it’s economic development, networking, legislation or greater Wake County area quality of life issues …. our Chamber is involved!

I am one of the sales reps on staff and my role is to invite businesses into our Chamber membership and help them maximize their membership. I do this by educating them about our benefits specific to them personally and to their organizations and guide them in our opportunities in which to participate. Also, I love to connect them with each other at our events!

What Kim has been up to since her participation in 100 Days to Abundance/Team Nimbus:

Bill Davis’ teachings and consulting has greatly contributed in my working smarter, more creatively and more efficiently. I have had the privilege of building business relationships with several talented business professionals so my business network has grown exponentially. Also, I have already significantly surpassed my sales year-to-date compared to this time last year!

Now that for 2 years I have been a Senior Sales Rep for our Chamber and also have been attending our Chamber events/forums for that duration, I feel very comfortable in discussing the opportunities we offer with any business professional in any size or type of company.

I am excited to find additional networking opportunities to connect with decision makers in all types and sizes of companies! This will expand my network and help me be even more of a resource to others in my current network. Also, some of the opportunities I find may help others I know too … and that is VERY exciting!

Kim’s best advice to other small business owners:

Research.. research… research! It will be very helpful for you and the prospective client or strategic partner if you have researched their company and them personally prior to your meeting. Reviewing their website usually gives you good insight into their company and LinkedIn is a great tool to find out more about them personally. If you do the research, you won’t ask questions that you probably should have known and you will have a much more productive meeting. That has been my experience anyway!

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Kim you can connect with her on: LinkedIn

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