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Jim Vogel is owner of IMU Social Media.

Nature of Business:

IMU Social Media provides content and strategy for small business on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Word Press. Visibility and presence are critical on these platforms for client engagement and marketing; many businesses do not want to do it, do not know how to do it, but know they need it because their competition is there. We fill that role as surrogate with posts, tweets, and fresh content.

What Jim has been up to since his participation in 100 Days to Abundance/Team Nimbus:

Midway through 100 days, I switched gears from sales training to content writing and management, and I never looked back. I followed my passion based on the support of the class, and I have seen huge dividends in both growth and opportunity.

This service is a brand new business model with scalability and unlimited potential. Every organization needs a social media presence that is focused and professional. The biggest advantage for IMU is the ability to write content across disciplines for auto centers, orthopaedics, clinical psychology, legal offices, training, pro basketball, town festivals, accounting, and daily retail deals among others.

We have grown to being a referral business based on reputation with NO COLD calls needed for growth.

Jim’s best advice to other small business owners:

In 100 days, I learned to be a small business owner. Coming from 30 years of corporate it was no easy task. Just find your passion and then find your niche. It is a simple plan. In fact, it is so simple, we often do not think of it.

The three things I have taken away from 100 days are that client acquisition, time and money are the avenues for success. I pay astute attention to these every single day. The three ingredients pay for college tuition and the mortgage.

I am humbled to be featured in Team Nimbus; I have tried over the years not be be the “spotlight” guy. I really enjoy supporting and serving others; my success is the honest and true byproduct of the success of other people. I truly believe that servitude and leadership mean the same thing.

Finally, remember to follow your passion and fill a need. Doing it through others just plain makes you feel good.

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Jim you can connect with
him on: Inside919, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

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