Is it Business or Physics or Both?

100-Days-to-Abundance-smallOne of the things that hinders many moving out of corporate jobs and careers and starting their own small business is the assumption that what works in big business, works the same in small business.  Only on a smaller scale.

Well, that’s not necessarily so. Let me share an example. In big business organizations, great emphasis is placed on planning. Planning, planning, planning. And rightfully so. In a big business, implementation done on a large scale is costly. If there is a mistake in the plan or the implementation process, it will most likely be equally or even more expensive. A big business wins by investing as much time in planning as it takes to insure the plan is “perfect.”

Time is the most costly resource for a small business and speed of execution is an inherent competitive advantage. Too much time spent getting the plan “perfect,”, burns up your most valuable resource, at the expense of your competitive advantage to avoid a mistake that will have a relatively small impact on your business.

Additionally, the fastest way to perfect the plan is to use the feedback you get from execution. The size of your business allows you to make those changes and course corrections quickly in a way that a big business cannot.


This is just one example of what we call Quantum Business in 100 Days to Abundance.  There are a number of Quantum Business principles, and we explore them and how you can utilize them to produce quantum growth in your business.

So the answer is it’s really business, specifically small business,  but I use physics analogies to explain it in 100 Days to Abundance.  If you use Promotional Code Retro100 and sign up for by March 29, 2015 for any of the programs scheduled for 2015, you can get it all for only $100.00.  After that it’s $349.00

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