Gilbert Pagan – Lease A Sales Rep

Gilbert Pagan is CEO of Lease A Sales Rep.

Nature of Business:

Lease A Sales Rep, an INC5000 company for the NC operations providing Contract Sales support and sales execution programs for businesses.

We are focused on increasing sales through the provision of experienced inside & outside sales teams working on-site or off-site to grow the sales pipeline through field sales, tele-sales, appointment setting and lead generation services.

Our dedicated approach in identifying, accessing, and closing C-level executives has allowed our clients to grow revenues utilizing our sales execution model. Our B2B sales program allows clients to penetrate complex markets and verticals within short time frames, allowing for the rapid growth of market share in their markets.

Utilizing our solution and consultative selling programs for businesses has allowed all of our clients to grow revenues year over year.

We work with a diverse group of clients from technology companies to healthcare organizations from the soloprenuer, to publicly traded companies across the U.S.

What Gil has been up to since his participation in 100 Days to Abundance/Team Nimbus:

We have increased our sales focus & our methodical process to grow revenue coupled with the ability to identify who is our target market. We have continued growth through helping our clients grow. There are numberous opportunities in the marketplace for the sales of produces and services.

Gil’s best advice to other small business owners:

Be focused, work harder, longer, and better than the next guy. Always try new things and ideas in your business. Ignore naysayers, they are not on your journey. They will confuse their journey with yours.

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Gil you can connect with him on:

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