Fearless, Urgent and Shameless by Art Radtke

Several years ago, while leading a Double Your Income Challenge in Raleigh, North Carolina, business owner Tracy Huff was getting frustrated. Most of the participants had doubled their income already or was well on their way but not Tracy. Week after week Tracy came in and heard all the reports from the other participants and wondered what she was doing wrong. The other participants rallied around her and tried to help to no prevail. No one could figure out what was wrong; Tracy was working long hours and was good at her business but was making little progress.

Then it happened! In one week Tracy brought in enough business to double her income. This was stunning because she had worked so hard to build her business–both before the challenge and during it with little success. Then it happened so suddenly. In 7 days she added five accounts, two of which were her biggest accounts ever.

What happened? The simple answer: several opportunities that she was working on all came together at the same time but Tracy resisted that explanation. She felt that it wasn’t just great fortune but, rather, she had changed personally in some very specific ways that was the difference. When asked what the changes were, she said that she had become “fearless, urgent and shameless”. She explained that one of the accounts she had not closed earlier was due to the customer’s concern that she couldn’t handle an account so large. This week she called and assured them she had the capability in no uncertain terms and her confidence convinced them. Another account came from a referral that had offered her help months ago but at the time Tracy couldn’t admit she needed help. Now she had no problem asking and excepting help. Tracy told story after story of opportunities that had been available to her but she hadn’t taken advantage of until now. The reason she did now was because she had become “fearless, urgent and shameless”.

Team Nimbus had been running Double Your Income Challenges for a while with great success. However, we had not been able to put our finger on the reason for the success. Now Tracy had identified it. Mixed in with the information and ideas that were shared during the Challenge was an environment that supported people in the execution of their own ideas. That support came in the form of helping people become “fearless, urgent and shameless”.

What does it mean to be “fearless, urgent and shameless”? Lets look at each word separately in order to build an understanding of the three together?

Fearless, according to Dictionary.com, means ‘without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.’ Wordnet says ‘oblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them.’ A fearless business person word move forward without worry and doubt that would hold them back if they allowed fear to enter in to their decision. There would be no second guessing about ‘what if it didn’t work’ or ‘what do we do if it works too well.’

Urgent, according to Dictionary.com, means ‘compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative, pressing.’ An urgent business person would focus on the #1 task at hand and would not become distracted by less important tasks. Urgent is not the same as frantic. Frantic can go in many directions at once and tends to cause wasted energy and time. Urgent is purposeful and direct with a focus on winning rather then avoiding a loss.

Shameless according to Dictionary.com means ‘’lacking any sense of shame: immodest; audacious.’ A business person without shame would do what they needed to do without worry of what others might think. They are not embarrassed to ask for help and don’t care if people see them “sweat”.

You can tell the businesses that are fearless, urgent and shameless. They act bold and decisive. They act without distraction and they don’t put on false pretenses. They are honest with themselves their clients and the community as a whole while not getting discouraged. If they do become discouraged they do what they need to do any way. When a business puts the F.U.S. facture to work they cause things to happen!

Remember when you want your business to be doing more, MAKE A F.U.S.!!!!!!

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