Business Coaching

Business Coaching

“Getting into the trenches” with our clients can take on numerous forms. One of these is Business Consultations and another is Business Coaching. Team Nimbus of North Carolina now offers both.

Business Consultation

It is not unusual for a business owner or sales professional to have a specific issue or challenge that with some outside perspective, they can break through and move forward from. That is where a Business Consultation can make a difference-a session with intense focus on the specific issue or challenge. The session is only about you, your business and your specific challenge.

When the session is scheduled, you will complete a pre-session questionnaire to ensure that the issue/challenge is clear so your time is not unnecessarily wasted getting to the “meat of the matter.”

The fee for a Business Consultation (1 hr.)  is $195.00.

Schedule a Business Consultation with a certified Team Nimbus Advisor.*

*Business Consultation fee will be paid at the time that the Business Consultation appointment is confirmed. Normally, Business Consultations will be held in person at the Team Nimbus Center. If necessary, Business Consultations can be held via phone.

Business Coaching

Being up to really big things often necessitates partnering with an expert to provide the guidance, support and accountability that it takes to achieve the intended outcome. Nobody thinks of climbing Mount Everest by themselves. Almost no athlete at the top of their sport gets there without the assistance of a coach.

Taking your business to the next level, achieving extraordinary growth in your business’s revenues or clients without regard to which way the economy is going, and implementing a masterful client acquisition system in your business are the kinds of “big things” that may have you seek out business coaching.

Team Nimbus of North Carolina owner Bill Davis is willing to provide individual business coaching to a few business owners that are up to really “big things” and willing to do what it takes to achieve them.

Fees are dependent on the specific project and start at $750.00 per month.

If you are up to “big things” in your business this year and are looking for the right business coach, schedule a complimentary session with Bill to see if it is the right fit.

*Normally, the complimentary session will be held in person at the Team Nimbus Center. If necessary, the complimentary session can be held via phone.