• Julie Dudley – Silver Pearl Inc. December 11, 2015 Julie Dudley is the owner of Silver Pearl Inc. Nature of Business: I provide bookkeeping services for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. I specialize in set-up, catch-up, and clean-up bookkeeping: setting up a new bookkeeping ... Read more
  • Olalah Njenga – YellowWood Group December 11, 2015 Olalah Njenga is CEO of YellowWood Group. Nature of Business: As the CEO of Yellow Wood Group my role is to help clients identify and leverage their competitive advantages. In ... Read more
  • Kat (Haney) Woods – Kat’s Design Services, LLC December 11, 2015 Kat (Haney) Woods is Founder & CEO of Kat’s Design Services, LLC Nature of Business: Kat’s Design Services, LLC is an interior design firm that does business in the Greater Raleigh ... Read more
  • Kim Niskey – Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce December 11, 2015 Kim Niskey is a Senior Sales Representative for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Nature of Business: The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is the Triangle’s largest business membership organization—made up of ... Read more
  • J. Allen Gayle – Downing & Gayle Insurance Services December 11, 2015 J. Allen Gayle is Vice President of Downing & Gayle Insurance Services Nature of Business: Downing & Gayle Insurance is an independent insurance agency which has been serving NC since ... Read more